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Why Should You Be Familiar with Workplace Safety Laws: A Workplace Accident Lawyer in Lakeland, Florida Explains

Workplace Accident Lawyer in Lakeland Florida

More than fancy legal terms tossed around in courtrooms, workplace safety laws are rules your employer must follow to keep you safe at work. These cover everything from how to properly lift heavy things to using machines the right way.

These laws are more than just a checklist of what to do and not do in certain situations. If you have an accident at work (and trust me, it happens more than you might expect), being familiar with these laws can really work in your favor. To that end, this workplace accident lawyer in Lakeland, Florida is going to explain some of the key things you should know about workplace accidents and how to proceed after being involved in one.

What steps can YOU take?

If you are in a workplace accident, step one is to report it — don’t let it slide, no matter how small. This helps ensure there’s an official record of what happened. 

Then, it’s time to collect evidence. A workplace accident lawyer in Lakeland, Florida will suggest that you take pictures of the accident site and what caused the accident. If you see a wet floor with no warning sign, a broken machine, or anything else out of place, it’s important to get it on camera. These photos can be a big help in proving what truly happened.

You should also hang on to all your medical documents. Every doctor’s appointment and treatment shows the effect the accident has had on you.

Don’t forget to write down your account of the accident as soon as possible. Memories can blur, so getting it all on paper while it’s fresh can be very helpful. You’ll want to detail what you were up to right before the accident, how it happened, and how you felt right after. Were there any witnesses? What was said and done immediately after? Every detail counts in these situations.

It might sound like a lot, but each piece of evidence you collect is valuable for your lawyer when they are piecing together your case. So, if you find yourself in a workplace accident, remember these steps — they might just be key to the resolution you are after.

How exactly does a lawyer fit into all this?

A reputable workplace accident lawyer in Lakeland, Florida doesn’t just glance over these laws — they will study them closely. They investigate every aspect of your accident, including the how, where, when, and why. Every detail is important, from those barely noticeable warning signs on the walls to the protocols that were (or weren’t) followed.

Let’s say you are on a construction site and suffered an unfortunate fall because the safety rails were more for show than safety. In these situations, knowing workplace safety laws can be extremely beneficial for your case. They help your lawyer prove that your employer cut corners on safety, which can make your case much stronger.

At Tonya Stewart Law PA, we have seen cases where a small detail about workplace safety laws turned the entire case around. When individuals have a familiarity with workplace safety laws, they have a much stronger chance of proving the employer’s negligence.

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