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What Determines the Value of Your Personal Injury Claim? A Personal Injury Lawyer in Mulberry, Florida Explains

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If you have suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence, you are probably wondering how you can determine what your personal injury claim is worth. After all, knowing the value of your case can help you ensure you’re getting fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

Below, this personal injury lawyer in Mulberry, Florida is going to discuss some of the key things you should when trying to estimate the value of your personal injury claim.

What determines the value of your claim?

The severity of your injuries:

The more serious your injuries are, the higher your claim’s value could be. Severe injuries like bone fractures, brain injuries, or spinal injuries often need extensive medical or surgical care, which can be expensive and take a long time to recover from.

If your injury causes long-term disabilities that affect your quality of life, this can also increase your claim’s worth.

Medical costs:

Your personal injury lawyer in Mulberry, Florida can help you recover all the medical expenses you incurred following your injury. This includes immediate costs like ER visits, hospital stays, medications and surgeries, as well as long-term costs like ongoing physical therapy or special medical devices.

If your injury requires more treatment in the future, like post-surgical follow-up visits or long-term care, these costs can also be added to your claim’s total worth.

Lost wages and future loss of earnings:

If your injury prevents you from working, you can claim compensation for your current lost income and any future loss of earnings. It includes salary, bonuses, benefits, and career growth opportunities you might have benefited from if not for the injury.

Pain and suffering:

This is for the physical and emotional pain you had to endure because of your injury. It includes both immediate pain and long-term effects like ongoing discomfort and mental health issues.

Quantifying pain and suffering can be tricky, as it depends a lot on your unique experience.

Punitive damages:

In some cases, you might be entitled to additional compensation if the person who caused your injury was extremely reckless or grossly negligent.

Punitive damages are not about your own losses, but they’re about sending a message. They make the defendant pay for their egregious behavior and deter similar actions in the future.

Florida’s comparative negligence rule:

In the State of Florida, if you are found to be partially responsible for your injury, your compensation can be proportionally reduced. For example, if you are found to be 30% at fault, your compensation will be 30% less.

But because this is a modified comparative negligence system, you can’t get any compensation if you are 50% or more at fault. That is why it’s best to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Mulberry, Florida who can help prove your injuries were not your fault.

Looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer in Mulberry, Florida?

Determining the value of your personal injury claim in Florida is often easier said than done. After all, every claim is different, and several factors are at play. The best way to ensure you can confidently navigate the claims process and get fair compensation is to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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