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Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Negligent Car Drivers: Insights from a Negligence Lawyer in Mulberry, Florida

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If you are a motorcyclist, there are several potential hazards you’ll want to be aware of on the road — one of the most serious of which is the risk of a collision. Unfortunately, many of the motorcycle accidents in Mulberry today are collisions that were caused by inattentive or negligent car drivers.

If you have suffered injuries resulting from another driver’s carelessness, you may be able to collect compensation for your damages. In these situations, it’s best to partner with a qualified negligence lawyer in Mulberry, Florida who can help you fight to receive the settlement you deserve. Without further ado, we are going to provide all the information you’ll need to know about motorcycle accidents that were caused by negligent car drivers.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

When car drivers do not take proper care, they put themselves and others around them at risk. Motorcyclists like you may be the primary victims of negligent driving. There can be multiple causes that may lead to a motorcycle accident, damaging your property and injuring you. Driver negligence can include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Texting while driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Traffic law violations
  • Poor speed judgment
  • Sudden lane change
  • Failure to maintain lane
  • Treacherous road conditions
  • Reduced visibility

When you are on two wheels, you are somewhat less visible to other drivers. With that said, it’s best to stay aware of your surroundings and keep an escape plan in mind for any problematic situation. In case of an accident, you should immediately seek medical assistance, then contact a negligence lawyer in Mulberry, Florida as soon as you are able to. Should you and your negligence attorney be able to prove the driver’s imprudence leading to the accident, you may be able to pursue damages from the liable party.

Types of Injuries

Although motorcyclists practice safety measures as a way of life, even the best riding gear cannot offer 100% protection. Motorcycle riders are vulnerable to severe types of injuries, which include:

  • Skull fractures or brain injuries
  • Neck and spinal injuries
  • Friction burns from sliding
  • Broken bones
  • Facial wounds
  • Extensive scarring
  • Eye injuries

Compensation for a Motorcycle Accident

As any negligence lawyer in Mulberry, Florida knows, motorcycle accidents are often a life-changing event. Recovering from your injuries can be challenging, let alone any financial struggles on the way. On top of an already demanding scenario, insurance companies can delay or deny valid claims.

The damages you may qualify for include:

  • Ambulance costs
  • Doctor visits
  • Medical bills
  • Follow up care
  • Therapy or rehab costs
  • Cost of assistive equipment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage (repairs and replacements)
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future potential earnings

You can seek the deserved compensation with a personal injury lawsuit in a court of law. So, it is crucial to have a practiced attorney by your side. A reputable negligence lawyer in Mulberry, Florida, can provide robust and experienced legal representation if you sustain injuries due to another party’s negligence.

Proving Negligence

To prove the other party’s negligence, you must be able to demonstrate that their actions caused the accident. They failed to obey traffic laws, which resulted in your injuries, and as a result, you suffered significant losses. It’s important that you work with a negligence lawyer in Mulberry, Florida who can prove these elements in court and strengthen your lawsuit.

Important Evidence

The necessary evidence includes eyewitness testimony, police records, medical bills, documents showing missed work, surveillance footage, photos of the scene and injuries, and accident reconstruction. It will support your claim and build a strong case. Again, it is always best to partner with a competent negligence lawyer in Mulberry, Florida to help you obtain the settlement you deserve.

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